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Free Zoomm party invite template virtual party
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With so many people using Zoom for virtual parties these days, we thought we’d put together a template to help speed up the invitation process.

Although  Zoom has an inbuilt invite system, its limited formatting gives invitations a formal, impersonal look. If you are hosting an office party, or an event for family and friends, we recommend sending out your own email invites.

How to use this resource:

  1. Copy the text below OR copy this document into your Google Drive (File > Make a copy)
  2. Replace the information in [square brackets] with your event details, and edit the text and formatting as you please.
  3. Send off your invitations!

SUBJECT:  Invitation to [Name of Event] on [Date] – please RSVP

Hello [name],

You are warmly invited to join us for [Name of Event] on Zoom! See below for party details, RSVP instructions and information about using Zoom. We hope you can join us.


[FULL DATE & TIME, including timezone if your attendees are international]

[A brief description of your event, e.g. A virtual Christmas Party, to celebrate all your hard work this past year! Activities will include a virtual gin tasting, a fancy dress contest, and a scavenger hunt. Your housemates, partners, children, and pets are welcome to join in. Can’t stay for the whole event? No problem, come and go as you please.]

Dress Code: [e.g. Your ugliest Christmas jumper] 

To join the Zoom Party, follow this link:
[insert Zoom invite link here] 
You may need to enter this Meeting ID: [insert Meeting ID here]

When you join the Zoom Party, you will be held in a Waiting Room until we are ready to begin. [OR] Enter this password to join the party: [insert password]

The Party will end at approximately: [insert time].

[Insert RSVP instructions]

Here are some tips for you to get the best out of our Zoom Party:

  1. Before the party, download the latest version of the Zoom Meetings application onto your laptop, PC or Mac (for the viewing best experience). Alternatively, you can use a tablet or phone, although Zoom features may be limited. Whatever device you use, please ensure you download the Zoom app — Zoom performs poorly in a browser window.
  2. For step-by-step instructions, read this article: How to join a Zoom party the right way: a beginner guide for participants.
  3. The Zoom Party will not be recorded, however we cannot stop attendees from taking photographs or recordings on their own devices. For this reason, we encourage your discretion.

See you soon!

[Your name]

We hope you find this to be a useful resource for organising your Zoom party, and would love to hear from you on social media to find out how your event goes!

Or view our Zoom party guide for organisers

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