Virtual Sherry Tasting
Enjoy At Home, With Friends or Online

We might not be able to gather in person yet for group tasting events, but a ‘virtual’ tasting is a wonderful introduction to the versatility and vibrancy of fine sherry, that you can experience from your own home.

Our tasting experiences are on-demand: the professional tasting video guides are permanently available to watch online, at your leisure, alone or with friends.

Try our sherry tasting for an unforgettable experience!


Our sherry tasting experience is complete with an on-demand video guide, hosted by an industry-leading authority on all things sherry
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We’re here to help you create an amazing tasting event, so you can connect with faraway friends, with a Zoom tasting guide full of tips, tricks and technical support.


While ‘in-person’ events are tricky to plan these days, our tasting experiences are the perfect solution for ‘virtual’ birthdays, anniversaries, gift experiences and business events.
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Our Sherry Tasting Experience

Working together with celebrated Spanish bodega, Gonzalez Byass, we have produced a uniquely informative and memorable sherry tasting experience.
Gonzalez Byass represent the pinnacle of the global sherry industry, laying claim to some of the oldest, grandest bodegas and brands in the world – including the instantly iconic Tio Pepe. Preserving tradition and prioritising flavour, every wine is formulated with care and craftsmanship, from the driest Palomino Fino to the sweetest Pedro Ximenez.
This sherry tasting is so much more than a gift for grandma: every tasting pack is complete with delicious snacks, bespoke pairing recipes from celebrated chef Brett Barnes, as well as exclusive access to the professional tasting, hosted by Martin Skelton (Managing Director of Gonzalez Byass UK, otherwise known as ‘Mr. Sherry’), who divulges his knowledge and passion for all things sherry.

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What's Included?

Our on-demand sherry tasting experience includes:

  • 50ml Tio Pepe Fino
  • 50ml Vina AB Amontillado
  • 50ml Alfonso Oloroso Dulce
  • 50ml Solera 1847 Cream
  • 50ml Nectar Pedro Ximenez
  • 50g Lemon & Thyme Olly’s Olives pouch
  • 38g Cambridge Confectionery Company Dark Drizzle Chocolate
  • 28g Serious Pig Classic Snacking Salami OR
    24g Serious Pig Crunchy Snacking Cheese

Plus: our comprehensive sherry tasting guide – a companion handbook full of sherry facts, bespoke recipes, history and more – and exclusive access to the high-definition tasting video (see our FAQ below for further instructions).

Gonzalez Byass sherry tasting

Sherry Tasting FAQ

Alongside your tasting kit, we provide permanent 'on-demand' access to a pre-recorded professional tasting video guide.

That means you don’t have to worry about tuning in to a Zoom meeting or webinar at a set date or time - it’s all up to you! You can take your time watching the video, or even watch it several times.

Your tasting handbook (included with the kit) contains the link and password to the video - simply type ‘’ into your browser search bar, click on the relevant tasting video, and enter the password on the video page.

Simply get together on Zoom and one person screen-shares the video. If you're new to Zoom we have lots of guides to help. See: How to host a Zoom party.

We’d love to hear from you, and help you prepare for a virtual event! We can arrange a live host from £250 and even organise something totally bespoke to suit your budget. Click here to contact us with your requirements.

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