How to host a Zoom party: virtual EVENT checklist, template AnD GUIDES

Organising a party is daunting at the best of times, but never more so than in 2021! This year, the party-planning effort for many organisers will still take the form of planning and hosting a virtual party, rather than getting everyone to agree on what cuisine they want. 

If you’ve been tasked with planning a D.I.Y. virtual event, these resources are here to help.

Whether you be looking for virtual party ideas, an invitation template or a guide to assist beginner Zoom users, you’re in the right place. And, if you’re searching for entertainment for your event, our on-demand, virtual tastings are perfectly suited to being enjoyed together over Zoom.

How to host a zoom Christmas party.jpg

How to host a Zoom party: The ultimate guide

Whether you're hosting virtual party for a few friends or are organising the staff Christmas social, this guide covers what you need to know in order to plan and host a successful Zoom party. Remember folks, it's not just another conference call!

10 Zoom party ideas and examples

10 Zoom party ideas for work & family [with examples]

Looking for free and budget-friendly virtual party ideas and games for your staff Christmas party? Or already decided on the main entertainment and looking for a few extras to make it pop? This is for you!

how to join a zoom party the right way - beginners guide

How to join a Zoom party (the right way!): a beginner’s guide

We've all been a Zoom first-timer and it can be intimidating. This guide is to help newbie participants / attendees navigate Zoom and have the best experience.

Free Zoomm party invite template virtual party

Free download β€” Zoom party invite template

If you are hosting a party, we recommend sending out your own email invites (Zoom's inbuilt system has limitations and is a bit bland!). Download our free template from Google docs.

Zoom party plan agenda

Zoom party plan: an example agenda for a virtual tasting event

So you've decided to have a tasting as part of your event? Go you! Regardless what your main entertainment is, this post will give you an idea of how to plan your Zoom party agenda.

Zoom party checklist download virtual party checklist

Zoom party checklist: a virtual party checklist to download

This checklist is designed for Zoom but can be used for organising any virtual party. You can download in PDF format to help keep you on track and ensure everything is covered.

For a virtual gin tasting at home or a rum tasting social, you’re in the right place. All our tastings come with professional on-demand video guides. We can also arrange something bespoke for you.

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