Zoom party checklist: for organisers and hosts of a virtual party

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Zoom party checklist download virtual party checklist
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It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re responsible for organising the virtual party. This checklist can be downloaded in PDF format and is a good guide to keep you on track and ensure everything is covered.

2+ weeks before the party

  • Budget approved
  • Date confirmed
  • List of attendees confirmed
  • Approximate duration of event decided
  • Primary entertainment sourced and ordered (tip: our tastings are great for this!)
  • Mini-games, ice-breakers and other entertainment decided upon
  • Speaker(s) confirmed e.g. who will open the event?
  • Theme decided on
  • Any music or playlists organised
  • Outline agenda prepared
  • Party invitations prepared and sent (free template)
  • Host(s) decided upon
  • Confirm host(s) have suitable technology
  • Confirm host(s) are comfortable with technology and Zoom platform
  • Decision on Zoom package required (free vs paid)

1 week before the party

  • Finalize the agenda and entertainment, including any music playlists
  • Finalize opening formalities: how will you welcome people, confirm their tech is OK etc?
  • Have a rehearsal. Include the co-host if you have one. Be sure to include any Zoom features you plan to use eg Breakout rooms, Polls, Chat
  • Decide on contingency plan if host gets sick, computer or internet fails

4 days before the party

  • Message attendees and remind them to download Zoom etc. Here is a guide.
  • Check in with any outside entertainment eg. Have the tasting kits arrived? Is your musician still OK? Is the catering company organised to deliver?
  • Finalize any Zoom features you plan to use. Eg Breakout Rooms, Polls.
  • Decide on your waiting room customisation (only available on paid packages)
  • Ensure you have any personal items you require such as your own outfit

1 hour before the party

  • Check your internet connection (eg via https://www.speedtest.net )
  • Ensure nobody else on your wifi network will have heavy use during your party (eg streaming, uploading or downloading)
  • Close all unnecessary applications on your computer
  • Turn off any computer notifications
  • Clean your desktop & prepare any items you wish to share
  • Load Zoom and check all the controls are as expected
  • Do a test on sound and screen share items such as music, videos, web browser or Powerpoint. If you’re having background music on arrival, double-check that!
  • If you have a co-host (hopefully you do!), ask them to hop on for a quick test. Note that you can use Zoom practice mode for this.
  • Get your personal setup ready; your outfit on, your room tidy (or funky decorations up!) and your tasting ready if that’s part of your event

5 minutes before the party

  • Do a final check on your settings
  • Do a happy dance, start admitting attendees and prepare to entertain!

If you would like to download a copy of this Zoom party checklist in PDF format, please click here.

Or view our Zoom party guide for organisers

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